Are Republicans or their political operatives attempting to suppress the votes of American citizens? Are these methods, when successful, reversible?

If so, how coordinated are their attempts?

What means are used to keep citizens from voting, having their vote counted, or having their vote influence the outcome of an election?

Are these methods, when successful, reversible?

Can voter suppression reach a tipping point where they can't ever be reversed?

The main concern is that in three of the last four presidential elections, in 2000, 2004, 2012, with the single exception of the 2008 election, there was reason to suspect widespread vote distortion, since exit polls and official results were not aligned to the degree that historically they used to be aligned. This leads one to suspect that there was vote distortion through shady means, and in all cases in recent elections, it has favored the Republicans.

In 2000, the vote skewing in Florida was large enough that a network had to reverse it's Gore victory, predicted by exit polling, to match the uncertain result that came out of the official tally. Still, even with all the uncertainty, the suppression of African American votes, the butterfly ballot, the skewed election commission, the result would still have come out in Gore's favor had the supreme court not stopped the recount.

One could say the 2000 election was a one-off event, but the problem was that one of the shadiest stars of that shady election, Kathleen Harris, was immediately rewarded with a Congressional seat. When a political party rewards operatives who distort the vote, the predictable result is that more operatives will strive to gain power by distorting the vote. So I consider the selection of Kathleen Harris to higher office the indication that the Republican party rewarded efforts at vote distortion. This is tantamount to the party sanctioning vote fraud, since vote fraud does not need to be coordinated at the highest level, it happens on the local level, county by county.

From this point on, you get several unsettling events, at least they were unsettling to me:

In 2004, electronic voting machines with no paper trail gave Ohio to Bush. The results of polling and the results of voting were not in line, and did not settle the mind of a suspicious person. This doesn't mean fraud occured, but I am not confident that it didn't. You need an auditable election to give people confidence in the fairness of the vote.

The 2008 election wasn't close, and fraud would have been impossible given the lopsided outcome. I am sure that there was no vote fraud, as it would have been a waste of time.

In 2012, however, the Republicans were under the impression that the vote was going to be closer than it actually was. In this case, you had the suspicious end of tallying in Florida, when the results looked like they were going to favor Obama as the vote count proceeded. The election talliers took a holiday until the next day! This is unprecendented, and it suggests that there was politcal pressure there to make the results favor Romney. The results from other states were sufficiently overwhelmingly for Obama that it didn't matter in the end, but I am very disturbed by what was going on in Florida in 2012. Thankfully Obama was also disturbed by this, and made straightening out the election process a priority after reelection.

From this suspicious pattern, although it doesn't prove anything, it seems that there has been some minor movement in the lower ranks of the Republican party to skew voting. This is in both voter ID laws, and in voting machines and tallying procedures that are susceptible to political meddling. This used to happen in the other direction in the 1950s and 1960s, to favor democrats, with several suspicious elections at the time being influenced by mystery ballot boxes and strange activities by unions and democrats.

I think that these types of things must be eliminated, and can be, with a good exit polling institution, and with careful independent poll-monitoring and public release of exit poll and county-by-county and ballot-location by ballot-location voting tabulation data. I don't want the voting process to unfairly favor either party, as it produces terrible consequences, because of the rewarding ot shady operatives, and the consequence can be corruption which engulfs the whole government.

No. I don't think this is true.

I do believe some Republicans are concerned about illegal votes being cast. This focuses particularly on illegal aliens who MIGHT be able to register and vote even though this is a privilege of citizenship. I personally think this is very unlikely and still have never seen even a single case where an illegal alien voted and was caught. I'm sure any such person would be prosecuted and put in prison for the felony before being deported.

I think most people want everyone who can legally vote to do so in every election. Our form of government requires an informed electorate to make democratic decisions.