How reliable are our emotions?

I was thinking about the topic of emotions, and their reliability in different areas of study(science, history, math etc.). The question I have is: Can we know when our emotions are credible in the pursuit of knowledge? For example, pseudoscience is caused when emotions trump rational thinking; so, is there ever a time when we can be sure our emotions are not deceiving us in the pursuit of knowledge?

You have misidentified the cause of pseudoscience, it is not emotional thinking, people generally believe things based on their direct perception, the emotions come later.

The pseudoscience is usually due to the genuine altered perception of people, altered by individual differences in wiring or by hypnosis, meditation, brain damage, psychoactive drugs, as well as training in perception by studying the arts. The persistent recurring topics of pseudscience almost always have a basis in a definite perceptual phenomenon, that you should try to experience, try to isolate and study in people, because it isn't bunk:

Other things called pseudoscience, like perpetual motion with magnets, are just bad or discredited science, not pseudoscience. This includes most pseudoscience topics. Other pseudoscience, like radiation hormesis or cold fusion is just open questions, and there pseudoscience is used as a poltical label to clobber people working on something unpopular.

The emotions that come with ideas are usually posterior, in that one makes up one's mind early, and later, one has an emotional reaction to something that disagrees with what you believe because you already decided you didn't like it a long time ago. This is just personal mental shorthand, and it has no real significance as far as I can see. Emotions don't get in the way of evaluating propositions, it doesn't matter if you're hotheaded or cool, or how much you like an idea, just so long as you reason it out regardless of how you feel about it. For example, twenty years ago, I hated, hated, hated S-matrix theory, because I thought it was preposterous and I couldn't see how it could work, but as I learned more about it, I finally couldn't see anything wrong with it, and now I think it's the super-duperest coolest thing evar! So what. It's still right regardless of how one feels about it.