What would Ron Maimon do as President of the United States?

Mostly what Obama promised he would do when he ran for president, but has not done.

I would close Guantanamo and release all the prisoners, apologize to them and their families, and award them an enormous reparation package for their detention. They are all free to go, Sheik Khalid Muhammed too. Sorry. Go home. We had the wrong guy.

I would serve indictments to all involved in torture in the Bush administration, and have them stand trial for allowing torture under laws which prohibit it. I would indict those involved in espionage as well. I would charge a panel with a new 9/11 investigation, which would be required to interview all CIA and miliitary personel regarding the drills of that day. They would be required to present the simulation evidence to my own personal scientific review, and I would have an hand selected panel of scientists review the evidence and my review, openly, in public.

I would, depending on the results of the investigation, indict one or another of the members of the Bush administration for treason and murder regarding the events of 9/11.

I would issue an executive order regarding secrecy: all documents which someone intendeds to classify secret must be audited by a small department of about 10-15 hand-picked secrecy auditors. They will all be people I know and trust, and their primary mission will be declassification. They will reject the document unless they find the stated reason for secrecy compelling in regard to the specific document requested. This should reduce the number of documents classified to about 100,000 pages a year at most, given their ability to read, with onerous delay for classification, as opposed to the millions of pages currently classified for no reason. Their promotions and pay would be tied directly to how much they can reject, how little would get declassified. The more you declassify the better.

If you think this is impossible, consider that one classified document can be referenced by a hundred declassified ones. There is no reason at all for the secrecy, it is preventing review of government function.

With this type of thing, it would be just categorically impossible to classify any documents with a secret stamp without someone in the small auditing department reading it signing on it. If it is at all controversial, and it is going to be secret, I would, as president, want to read it myself. The goal of this auditing department is to make sure no secret activity can be done without presidential approval, so no more surprise shenannigans like bay of pigs, or an assassination of this or that person.

If your stuff isn't secret, it is public--- your government communication will be available to be read by anyone whenever they want. If it is secret, it will be subject to intense review, so that a lot of people will read it.

The goal here is to declassify every document, with the goal of keeping secret only those things that absolutely must be secret, like the locations of nuclear submarines, or the names of informers in other countries.

I would appoint a CIA director with a mission: to get rid of anyone who was working in the agency prior to 2009. No warning, just a slip, you're fired, go home. You can get a pension if you deserve it, so that you don't have incentive to spill the beans to some other intelligence agency. Everyone there should have resigned, they know what kind of things were going on. Anyone who didn't resign is complicit.

I would do likewise with career government officials in other departments, who have political influence. I would mandate that the CIA stay out of state and Federal government, that they provide information when asked and do nothing else.

I would appoint a homeless man to head homeland security, and ask him to hire all the homeless people he can find to staff the security wing of this department. I would ask them to do nothing. Draw a paycheck until Congress dissolves the department.

What I would really like to do is restore the Immigration and Naturalization Service as an agency, and get rid of every additional deparment in homeland security, leaving only the INS. You can do this with your homeless buddy, he can find some real shifters that don't want to do anything.

Then I would request a drastic budget cut for intelligence, and reconfigure it to do intelligence only, no black ops. The way to do this is to only allow incoming documents to be secret, all outgoing directives need to be reviewed by a reviewer.

That wouldn't take long, maybe one or two months. I probably would get shot by a CIA sniper during this time, so I wouldn't be able to do anything else.

But assuming no sniper gets me, then I would ask for a few changes to policy. I would investigate nuclear and alternative energy through DoD and NSF grants, I would investigate artificial biology, with the goal of making resistant fuel-producing bacteria (this is an ongoing project, I would make the investment larger). I would authorize the deployment of Thorium reactors, and experimental design of an underground energy plant using fusion nuclear explosives, so long as a panel of scientists were able to determine that the explosives can be made useless outside the plant, using appropriate triggering tricks. I would support the funding of an Orion rocket, assuming an international treaty for acceptable levels of fallout can be negotiated.

Internationally, I would close foreign bases that have outlived their usefulness, such as those in Korea. I would put pressure on the Israelis to make peace, by withdrawing aid entirely, and restoring it on harsh preconditions regarding settlements a peace offer, and threaten to withhold veto aid at the UN unless there is an immediate withdrawal to 1967 borders, with negotiations regarding the Jerusalem municipal area, so that it is under joint Palestinian/Israeli sovereignty. If the Israelis say no, they are on their own, no more US aid either in the UN or with money.

I would ask Congress to pass a smoothly tiered corporate income tax, and make automatic small-business aid in tax structure, so that small businesses are propped up with a slight negative income tax. I would request an increase the top levels of the Federal income tax to approximately the 1970s level, and increase minimum wage to the 1970s level, with the goal of producing rough income equality. I would ask that contracting law be revisted, so that contracting can be made uniform and standardized, with the goal of allowing competition by small firms at all levels at all times, without requiring political action.

I would issue a pardon to small non-violent drug offenders, and request a change in drug laws. I would prefer to see that all drugs are available in clinics, under registration, to be consumed on premises, free of charge or at a nominal fee (they aren't expensive when they are legal). The goal here is to bankrupt the drug industry entirely, and provide treatment to users.

The rest you can imagine, I explained my political beliefs elsewhere.