Why does Ron Maimon not drive a car?

In fall of 1999, I was driving from Boston to Ithaca, I did that every weekend, because my girlfriend lived in Boston. But I had to pee, so I was going 80 to get to the next exit, and I got stopped by a cop. I was going to pay the fine, but my father said "Don't do that, go to court, because, it's a first offense, they will dismiss the fine".

The judge did dismiss the fine, but she imposed a 6 hour safe-driving course instead.

The moment she said it, I knew. That's it, I'm never going to drive again. I had no idea what this course was supposed to be, or where it was, and I also had no intention of doing it because the judge was exercizing arbitrary ridiculous authority. I got a bunch of warnings in the mail, some 6 months later, my license was suspended. A year or so later, it got revoked. By then, I had bought a bicycle.

Driving a car in the US is pretty much mandatory, and it has become an excuse to license and catalog everyone, and create a situation where the police always has a reason to stop you, search you, fine you, at any time. It creates misery, people spend their whole life in a box. It is selling your freedom for convenience. Plus, the bicycle is a superior invention, the car is a kludge, ripping off the bicycle and train with no important improvement.

So thanks, judge, for helping me see this. I might be driving today if it weren't for your help.