Why does the "system" always have to be bad?

The "system" we live in may be unfair for some but is there any that could be better? Looking back, we can see that every alternative (communism, etc) has failed so do you think we live in a less worst or even in a good system?

The system is better today than at nearly any previous point in history. The problems today are less pressing than 50 years ago, or 100 years ago. In the 19th century, you have colonial atrocities, and colonial genocide. In the 20th century, after the Nazis took this to it's logical end, this colonial business was all ended, but then you had the threat of nuclear annihilation. Today there is no threat of nuclear annihilation, but there are environmental and economic things that need to be sorted out, but they will surely be sorted out too, hopefully quicker than the previous things were sorted out.

I wouldn't call communism a total failure, it was an overall failure, there were some successes here and there. For example, in the Soviet Union, wages were fair (for the most part, ignoring some small government perks to officials), homelessness and unemployment were solved, and the education system was excellent, and science was very good. But the productive capacity was terrible, the management was unimaginative, and the political repression was intolerable.

With the fall of the wall, everything went, the few good things along with the worse and bigger bad. But people remember, and try to make the positive things without authoritarian revolutionary party control, without the authoritarianism, or the suppression of entrepreneurship. You have to remember that history moves slowly.

Even once economic organization things are sorted out, and environmental problems are fixed, there will be new issues, maybe regarding artificial life and the rights of artificial biological entities, today you can imagine a new form of slavery involving artificial humans. The controversies are always on the margin of progress, and they only stop once everyone agrees. Regarding colonialism, today, everyone agrees.