Could believers with strong faith in God sometimes exhibit behavior similar to Stockholm Syndrome?

It's not Stockholm syndrome, because the evil eventually is beaten, and depending on the degree of stupid, defeat comes sooner rather than later. The local benefit of bad behavior is always there, that's not surprising, it is a game theory Nash equilibrium. The surprise is that good behavior eventually succeeds anyway, even though all the local restoring forces oppose it, and it is aiming for a new minimum which seems impossibly far away. But still, it grows regularly through people's steady faith, and it takes over when there is sufficient freedom, and even when there isn't, and in hindsight it seems inevitable, although at the time it seems impossible.

Job is not good enough, because it has a more or less happy ending. To get the proper effect, Justine, or the 120 Days of Sodom, or any other work by Sade is more effective. In these, Sade puts you in an even bleaker situation where nothing at all decent seems to be a sensible choice, every ethical action, even just falling in love, or trying to help others, comes with unspeakable punishment. Sade is the best text for understanding religious faith, because he forces you to go to a point where no human being can actually follow and remain sane, and at this point, God becomes obvious.

I should add that Stockholm syndrome isn't a surprising thing either, humans get their political belief system largely from the surrounding power structure, without conscious deliberation. When a person is surrounded by leftists with guns, when they are pointing guns at you, you are powerless, so they start to sound a lot more sensible than when you are sitting at home and they are being made fun of by the government.