Two dozen questions about Flight 77 and the Pentagon that might lead to justice

Saturday, July 9, 2011

There are many questions to be answered about the events at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Here are two dozen such questions that, if answered, might help to bring about justice.

  1. Exactly how was Flight 77 hijacked, considering, among other things, that the alleged hijackers were identified as security risks (possibly linked to al Qaeda) when they tried to board, and were not physically imposing (all 5 and a half feet tall or less, and slender in build)? [1]

  2. How was the nation’s air defense system disabled on 9/11, and how could anything have hit the Pentagon approximately 80 minutes after the first plane was known to be hijacked?

  3. Why was Dick Cheney tracking Flight 77? [2]

  4. Why were explosive experts, who had a history of covering-up the OKC bombing, hired to investigate the Pentagon and write the FEMA report? (Mete Sozen and Paul Mlakar).[3]

  5. Why was Paul Mlakar, the lead investigator for the government’s investigation into the Pentagon, later accused of obstructing the investigation into the Hurricane Katrina disaster?[4]

  6. Why did the roof of the Pentagon collapse 30 minutes after impact?

  7. Why was AMEC, the company that had just finished refurbishing Wedge 1 of the Pentagon (the impact zone), hired to lead the clean-up effort at Ground Zero?[5]

  8. Why did the NTSB not make public reports on any of the planes as is the normal procedure?[6]

  9. Why did none of the planes squawk the hijack code?

  10. Why was the official explanation for alleged phone calls made by Flight 77 passenger Barbara Olson changed several times, and ultimately how could Ted Olson’s story make any sense?[7]

  11. Why did high-ranking Pentagon officials cancel travel plans for the morning of September 11 “…apparently because of security concerns.”? [8]

  12. How could Hani Hanjour have successfully piloted Flight 77 given his poor qualifications? [9]

  13. Why are those interested in The Pentagon not intently reviewing documents released by the FAA and 9/11 Commission that reveal startling questions about the aircraft and events of that day? [10]

  14. Why was there no response from Andrews Air Force Base, just over 10 miles away and home to Air National Guard units charged with defending the skies above the nation’s capital? [11]

  15. Why did F-16s fail to protect Washington on 9/11? Was the Langley emergency response sabotaged? [12]

  16. Why did Flight 77 hit a mostly-empty part of the building opposite from the high command and under renovation, with a majority of the victims being civilian accountants? [13]

  17. Why were Pentagon workers not evacuated or warned that Flight 77 was approaching, despite those in the bunker tracking the attack plane as it closed the final 50 miles to the Pentagon?

  18. Why did Peggy Chevrette of Jet Tech, the training center that Hani Hanjour attended in Arizona, send Hanjour’s training record to the OKC certification office, where it was allegedly issued, and ask if it was fake? [14]

  19. Why did Jet Tech trainer and German Air Force ace, Reinhard Zimmermann, come to the US to work for a man who was later convicted of profiting from the anthrax attacks? [15]

  20. Why did FAA official John Anthony, when investigating the Hanjour complaint by Jet Tech, make the unprecedented and inappropriate suggestion that Jet Tech provide Hanjour with a translator because he could not speak English? [14]

  21. Why was a war game drill used to vacate the National Reconnaissance Office for the duration of the attack? [16]

  22. How was a C-130 pilot able to intercept the plane incoming to the Pentagon while NORAD was not? [17]

  23. Did the Pentagon, the nerve center of the US military, really have no missile or anti-aircraft defenses?

  24. What were Vice-president Cheney’s orders when Norman Mineta described him speaking to a young man in the presidential bunker as the plane approached, saying, “Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?” [2]


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This says that, in March 2001, training school Jet Tech inquired about Hani Hanjour’s pilot license. On page 71 of 447 in this document we see the actual training record for Hanjour which has a note from 3/31/01 suggesting he had “no fundamental skills / poor English” and they “wondered if the cert was false.” This is actual documentation from the 9/11 Commission that challenges the Commission’s conclusions (i.e. Hanjour was “the operations’s most experienced pilot”).

[15] FOIA response “5 AWA 356” (see above), on page 283, says that Zimmermann was a trainer at Jet Tech through 2000 (p 316), which included the period in 1999 when Hanjour was trained and his commercial cert was first issued. The Commission’s report says that Hanjour “may have had training from a military pilot”. Zimmermann had been in the German AF for 22 years, as an outstanding fighter pilot and trainer for two squadrons. He left the GAF in 1993 to spend 8 months at Star of Phoenix Aircraft, a company run by Charles W. Kallman, before going to Jet Tech. Kallman was later convicted (by Michael Chertoff) for fraud related to the October 2001 anthrax scare.

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