Cleveland Center controller memos on Flight 93

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Transcript of handwritten statements concerning Flight 93 by Cleveland Center controllers. Many thanks to for their efforts and the citizen (unknown to me) who initiated the FOIA to obtain these important documents.

David M Norton (HD) Franklin Sector 8:42-9:50

Brad Kennedy (KB) Franklin-D 9:02-9:50

John Werth (WH) Lorain Radar 8:55-10:18

David Leister (LE) LOR (Lorain)-D 8:39-10:18

Mike Zientarski (MW) LOR (Lorain) Handoff position 9:30-9:43

Mark Saunders (MS) Assoc. Radar D-side 9:33-10:00

George W. Keaton (VP) IRL (Imperial) 8:52-10:20

Linda Justice (LJ) IRL (Imperial)-D 8:15-10:20

Donald Edouard Lamoureux (DF) WMD (Westmoreland)-R 8:34-10:13

Brian C. Hanlon (AZ) WMD (Westmoreland)-D 9:42-10:13

Stacey Taylor (ST) IHD (Indianhead) 9:14-10:17(?)

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