Cleveland Center supervisor memos on Flight 93

Monday, December 29, 2008

Transcript of handwritten statements concerning Flight 93 by Cleveland Center supervisors. Many thanks to for their efforts and the citizen (unknown to me) who initiated the FOIA to obtain these important documents.

Richard Barnett
(YN) Area Supervisor 9:00-11:00
Gary M. Klingler (GK) Command Post 10:00-22:30
Leo E. Wolbers (LV) Operations manager 2:00-10:00
Craig Pass (CP) STMC 5:50-17:50
Kimberly W. Warnica (KW) Watch Desk 8:40-11:20

Rick Kettell Air Traffic Manager
Mark E. Evans (YP) STMC 9:25-19:15
Mark Barnick (AB) Area 4 Ops Supervisor 8:51-11:54

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