How To Steal An Airliner *AND* Fake a Hijacking

Saturday, September 11, 2004

American Airlines Flight 11 departed from Boston as a regular passenger flight. Soon after the departure, it was officially hijacked by five Middle Eastern terrorists, one pilot familiar with small planes and four "muscle hijackers". The terrorists killed some crew and passengers, and in a combined act of murder and suicide they directed the airplane into the WTC North Tower.

This "official" version of what happened on September 11, 2001, has been challenged by many people. Here is a short and incomplete list of objections, most of them still not addressed by officials responsible for the clearing up of the crime:

The sheer amount of unexplained contradictions has inevitably led to the development of alternative scenarios for Flight 11, usually embedded in a scenario for the whole 9/11 attacks.

The story of Flight 11 as I present it here avoids the numerous weaknesses of the official version and is empirically better grounded than the existing alternative versions. It is not a scientific, but a criminalistic approach, meant to stimulate researchers to look at new, promising traces left back by the perpetrators of the attacks.

The article consists of two parts. Part I is a comprehensive timeline for Flight 11. In Part II, the timeline will be explained and discussed in more detail.

Part I - The Timeline

Normal letters indicate commonly acknowledged, generally well documented facts. Italic letters indicate comments, conclusions and conjectures to create a lucid picture of the story of Flight 11. All times are EDT.

The embarking of the "hijackers"

The preparation flights

The departure

The flight

The overflight

The phantom flight

The landing(Attention! Highly speculative!)

Who's done it?